The "Golden"

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When designing  the Golden, the goal was to incorporate some of the unique handling characteristics of the "King" in a  smaller kayak that is just as at home in big and rough water.
In addition to being shorter than the King, the Golden has more rocker, is 1/2" narrower, has an even lower rear deck, and due to the fact that it is recessed, the coaming height is the lowest of all the Redfish designs.
Owing to the shorter waterline length, the Golden is not as fast as the King. However, like its big brother, the swedeform hull and harder chine aft of the Golden contribute to even greater maneuverability and crisp leaned turns that are well behaved - it will return to track when brought back to upright after a leaned turn.
The bow and stern height are similar to that of the King but because it is a shorter kayak, a bit more fullness has been added towards both fore and aft  ends to ensure that the bow and stern ride high and resist burying in heavy seas.

    Length overall        - 16' 2"   
    Waterline length    - 14' 4"   
Beam                   - 21" 
   Waterline beam     - 20"    
- 36 #

Golden3.1.jpg (85745 bytes)  Note that the white along the sheer line in these photos is tape and is not permanent.

Golden1.1.jpg (82200 bytes) Bonnie checking the trim.

Golden bow1.1.jpg (88460 bytes) Golden Bow - note the recessed coaming in this and the following photo

Golden stern1.1.jpg (80091 bytes) Golden Stern 

GoldenBonnie.jpg (46717 bytes) GoldenJoe1.jpg (50902 bytes) GoldenJoe2.jpg (54394 bytes) Misc. 

All of the Redfish kayaks take their names from individual species of "Salmonids"  - the salmon and trout family (Salmonidae) or from a term related to their habitat and life cycle.
This kayak takes it name from the specific name of the Golden trout - "aguabonita" - which translates to "Beautiful Waters".

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